We are always happy to welcome guests and to make new acquaintances.

In our store, you will find a lot of unique wooden toys and unusual home accessories!

We use eco-friendly materials in production: plywood of the 1st grade and solid wood (beech, oak, linden, elm).

Our manufacture is located in the Tver region (Russia) where we have our own woodworking machine. Thus, we can keep prices low without sacrificing the quality.

Almost all of our goods are custom-made and handcrafted. That allows us to preserve the uniqueness of each product unit!

We closely follow the trends of the toy industry and try to provide the right products to our customers!

We are also opened to new interesting projects and ideas.



What can we offer your business?
We have already created and tested several unique products for you. These toys are very popular, that is proven by a year of high retail sales.
However, we have decided that we will not be engaged only in retail sales, but we will develop the wholesale. So you can sell our wonderful wooden toys.
With the help of our production, you can diversify your assortment with unusual toys, thereby gaining an advantage over competitors!


Do you have an idea for your own toy? 
And here we can also help you, our team has talented design engineers who can implement almost any of your ideas, you will only need a picture or photo of a similar product (you should immediately make a reservation that we will not exactly copy the product you need, it is contrary to our principles)
In all other matters, we are fully open and ready to cooperate!






What are the terms of the opt-in?

We do not have strict conditions for our wholesale customers, we can start cooperation even if you do not have a store yet, and you just dream of opening it and selecting an interesting assortment

It's very simple :

For our part, we offer you favorable wholesale prices, constantly updated professional content that you can use on your website or Instagram page, constantly updated interesting assortment, information support, and even advertising of your store on our website and in social networks (information about our partners and representatives will be publicly available and any buyer will be able to directly buy toys in a convenient region)

That's how simple and convenient it is

Write us an email at goruvdom.info@gmail.com, we will send you our price list and catalog, make your first order, and welcome to the team!




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